Choosing the "right" Size

Online shopping for kids clothes can be a little nerve racking:

What size should I choose? How will it fit? What do I do if it doesn't fit?!

These are just a few of the questions I'd like to help answer for you. Using my daughter for a model, I put her in two different sized dresses to help you make a decision that fits your girl the best.

Here are the measurements of the dresses.

Cora's body type is tall and very thin. so, first I measured Cora. She is a 21.25in bust, 31in from arm pit to floor, and 42in total height. She usually wears a size 5 shorts/pants with the waist band cinched in. She can fit into a size 4 shirt but it's too short and shows her belly. 

According to these measurements 

First, here is Cora in a size 2/3 Axolotl.

It fits her nice and snug on the top, I love how this size fits her on the top and if I were purchasing for family pictures this is the size I would put her in. 

The length hits right above the knee

The cartwheel shorts fit snug.


Next I put Cora in a size 4/5 Ants on a Picnic

The top fits more loosely, there is room to grow and I would choose this size for her so that I know she's getting the maximum amount of wear time out of it. Not to mention accounting for some possible shrinking after washing.

The length hits right below the knee, and this is where she prefers her dresses.

The cartwheel shorts fit her really well, they stay on, they're comfortable ,and have space for growing. 

In Conclusion, while Cora can fit into a size 2/3 dress it really isn't the best fit for her and she will soon not be able to fit in it, but it does give me good confidence that the size 4/5 is going to fit her as she moves out of a size 5 clothing.

I hope this has been helpful to you in making a choice between sizes and at the end of the day, when you receive your dress, if there is an issue with sizing just remember that Kritter Kids offer FREE returns on unworn items with tags in tact!

Kattie Cassaday                                                                                                 Kritter Kids Owner

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