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 I'm Kattie Cassaday and I am the creator of Kritter Kids.

I have two kids, Hunter(7) and Cora(4). Cora was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth, thus beginning a life we never imagined. It came with lots of doctor appointments, poking, prodding, medicines, and now a clinical trial. 

After one of Cora's clinical trial appointments at Stanford Children's Hospital, we ventured out to our tradition of buying her something special to help remember the day in a positive light. We walked through a clothing store and she declared that she didn't like anything. I looked around trying to find something Cora might like, but struggled to find dresses that were modest, comfortable, and in a pattern that she liked. Three stores later, we had failed.

I asked Cora what kind of dress she was looking for and her request was LIZARDS!! ANTS!! SNAKES!! I had my work cut out for me. Since I couldn't find anything that fit her desires, I decided I would design one myself! That's when Kritter Kids began!

It couldn't be just any old dress, though. I wanted to make her something that could also be helpful for her clinical trial appointments. You see, Cora had to do many EKG tests and each time her dress had to be lifted up to access her chest, and she felt very uncomfortable about it. So, I designed a dress with a cross-over bodice that can access her chest without removing the dress. I also managed to fulfill her requests including a full circle twirl skirt, WITH POCKETS(!!), that hangs past her knees.

These dresses are designed to be everything a girl could want or need in a dress, but with medical conditions in mind. With the cross-over bodice a pediatric cancer patient could potentially wear it while accessing an IV metaport, or a girl with CF can stay fully clothed for her EKG. They are also Sensory Disorder friendly as the bodice does not contain a tag inside. Although, who really likes tags on their backs anyway?

I am also allowing customization for girls with special needs such as Dwarfism, Congenital Amputation, Turner Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Noonan Syndrome, and more!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do and I look forward to seeing them on your children soon!


  • You are amazing
    Thanks from all of us special moms! Shopping can be so hard!

  • The moment i showed my daughter her dress set she was so excited and happy, not only were the colors so beautiful but the fabric is so soft and delicate, she didnt have to undress for her chemotherapy sessions at the hospital and it was so easy and fast to just pull down the sleeve. She got so many compliments from the staff at the hospital and the other kids, she was so comfortable all day she even wanted to sleep in it!!! Thank you kattie i cant wait to order more!!!!

    Jessica R

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