Sensory Friendly

Our fabric features the softness and stretch known to be loved by our sensory sensitive kiddos, and as added BONUS we place our tags on the outside. So instead of doing the Itchy Tag Dance your daughter will comfortably twirl off to play with her pet ladybug.

this way to comfort!

Compatible for girls with Implanted IV Metaports

The cross-over top is not connected in the center, making it possible to open and attach to a port or EKG Electrodes without needing to lift the entire dress or wear a gown. Please consult your physician to see if this is an option for your girl.

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P.S. It has pockets!!

Us moms will never understand why a dress would ever come without pockets, but rest assured, they come standard from us!

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Customer Testimonials

"All of my girls (ages 6, 3, & 3) adore these dresses. They have fantastic twirl, cute patterns, & POCKETS! What’s not to love?!"

Sarah G.

"These dresses are adorable. The prints are fun and so different. My daughter loves how buttery soft the dress feels and that the skirt gives a great twirl! Plus the pockets are just fantastic!"

April G.

"The dresses fit really well and the fabric is so so soft. The prints are so cute and fun. Plus they have pockets!!"

Fallon T.

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