Meet the Fabric Designer

I was searching online for images to use for my dresses when I came upon Nataliya's work. I had to look all over the internet until I found her on a website I could message her directly. I asked if she would be willing to make some patterns for me and she said YES! We collaborated with out ideas and she created some designs that I absolutely love. Here is what Nataliya has to say about herself.


"I have been drawing since childhood. For as long as I can remember:
paints, pen and ink, pen, pencils, postcards, pictures for friends
and relatives, painted plates and teapots.
However, nature has always been the main theme. Flora and fauna always amazed, delighted, and inspired me.
After graduating from the university with a degree in landscape
architecture, where I studied trees and plants in a more detail, I
realized that I wanted to go in a different direction. Depicting plants
and nature on a computer so that people who liked my work, could use it
to create fabrics, wrapping paper, stationery, kids goods, etc.

After my child was born, my patterns became more childish and funny.
My son gives me a lot of my ideas and I can see the world through
his eyes at a different angle, rediscovering the world with him, from the beginning.
Since then I have had patterns and images of animals, birds and insects. I prefer simplicity, clean lines and fun motives in design to make people happy."

I am so glad I found Nataliya and look forward to continuing to work with her.


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